Custom Technology Solutions

As a change leader in the technological world, SolvIT always strives to drive advancement and innovation in our services and solutions. Our team has pioneered new security, storage, connectivity, and data collection solutions that have real-world use in a variety of fields.

SolvIT Technical Services Team includes a Systems & Development group of engineers and developers who collaborate with our clients and their suppliers to design new solutions and enhance existing programs. This team specializes in high availability, high-traffic managed web hosting in traditional and cloud infrastructures. Among our successful and ongoing development projects are:

  • Automotive diagnostic applications for multiple vehicle support stages
  • Local storage, network monitoring, and offline functionality device
  • Web application architecture and infrastructure
  • Nationwide data acquisition, storage, and reporting/analysis
  • Local wireless networking & routing enhancements
  • Mobile application for cloud-based identity management
  • Online portal solutions
  • Specialized technical resources

Project Management

In addition to development and implementation of new technology solutions, SolvIT provides project management resources to supervise the entire process, from planning and development to final testing and handoff. Our Client Delivery Team works closely with clients to ensure that all of their needs are accounted for in the final solution, as well as to continuously follow up on performance and implement updates and improvements once the solution is in the field.