Automotive Technology

SolvIT's many solutions for the auto industry are a cutting-edge combination of automotive and information technology. Our team of engineers, technicians, and developers work on projects ranging from diagnostics to customer support to service information validation and enhancement.

Data Acquisition Solutions

SolvIT has several methods in place to gather connectivity and performance data from diagnostic tools and networking equipment. We can also connect directly to a diagnostic application or the application’s peripherals to seamlessly gather data from vehicle modules or other equipment. We carefully filter and store the data to deliver it to our customers for performance monitoring, troubleshooting, marketing and history tracking.

Vehicle Testing/Validation

SolvIT’s facilities house over 20,000 square feet of garage space where our technicians perform vehicle tear-down services to verify and improve service information and wiring diagrams. Our team also creates and updates graphics and diagrams for various service information needs. We are involved in the entire validation process, from on-vehicle examination to final verification for our OEM clients.

Diagnostic Software Updates & Release Management

Our Technical Services Team works closely with diagnostic application developers to maintain the environments which house diagnostic applications and to send software updates to the field. We provide this support during regularly scheduled maintenance hours, as well as in emergency, high-priority situations.